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Awesomeness (In the Flesh)
My Shadow is My Graffiti
19th-Dec-2010 01:47 am
MaMa called me today. Cried in front of the Pillow Pets kiosk in Emerald Square. Takes a lot to make someone cry by the PILLOW PETS.
She got out of butler yesterday.

Computer broke a week ago. Les has no idea.

Saw Prout's nutcracker. XD When the ballarinas came out, a random person yelled "OH YEAH, BALLARINA'S YEAH!" into the dead silence. Gina and I had the most amazing laughing fits locked in Jay's car. Speaking of which, he has my spongebob hat!

On tht subject, I went to his house. He litterally almst tore me apart because he called something "gay" and I, taking offense, called him gay jokingly. I finally said sorry after a test of wills. I could tell he was pissed. Later, his siblings instigated a fight with him. He blew up and ended up hurting them and walking out into the cold Dec. rain. I went after him when he didn't come back after a second. Couldn't see him in the pitch black, so I walked back. He came in a moment later. I put on I'm Yours on by Jason Mraz, took his hand and mine (Pushed Gina to take the other) and we sang to him as he sat slouched against the basement pole, head hanging, hair soaked.
On the way home, I sat behind him. Pulled my Spongebob hat over his eyes. When I got out, I opened his door and  said "I don't care if you want it or not," before pulling him into a quick hug I shld have held longer, thinking about how his head fell into the crook of my neck.
His father's horrid vilence is really starting to take a toll on him. The word "gay" is now a switch to this temper. I frightens me. I want to tell his dad to STFU. GET A LIFE AND STOP PICKING ON YOUR KID. BITCH.

Sleeping over Nancy's for the weekend. I love being here. =)
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