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Awesomeness (In the Flesh)
My Shadow is My Graffiti
5th-Dec-2010 08:33 am
Angsty Vampire
Hanging out with Jay all day. ;) He's obviously amazing. XD
Anyway, just wanted to chronical a few things.

The other day I went out for an hour long walk (Which kept me out till almost dark and had be going farther than I should, really) and came back to Emma in the high chair, and Kathleene going through some stuff on the kitchen table. Didn't think much of the dead silence, so I went to my room. Went on facebook. Nothing new.
Then I hear Kayla's gram, Joan, come up stairs asking why Kat's stuff was all near the door. Kat's apparently leaving?? I went to my doorway to listen, hardly able to breathe.
Later, Breonna told me animatedly that Kat had asked Les to fix a broken door. He'd said he wld when he got around to it, and this is a guy who stressed like fuck for Christmas (DCYF doesn't give money for presents, those bastards), has a zillion other things that need to get done, and is utterly overwhelmed. She says he wants it done soon. They both think the other is copping an attitude. They start fighting. Bree is trying to track down the baby. Kat won't stop instigating the fuck out of the situation. They're screaming. Finally Les actually looses his temper and has her against the wall, like, choking her. Kat's in shock. Bree's trying to console the baby. Then later Les almost shoves and door into Kat when she's holding Emma. Something about he had her on the bed or something. Bree snatched the baby away. Les ended up leaving, and Kat was gathering her things.
I didn't cry. For some reason, though I felt sad, I couldn't cry. Even though I latched on to Kat first, I guess my body is too used to people leaving. I just went back into my room quietly, hoping with all my might that she wouldn't leave. This family was practically my dream family, give or take a few of the kid's attitudes...
I never liked men and their temper, but somehow, I can't hate Les.
Later they came home together, after a bunch of in and out shit and stuff. Les made some ravioli for us to eat. It was a silent dinner with them two, Emma and I. Later, with Bree and I in our rooms, I heard Les telling Kat gruff things from the kitchen, like "Obviously I don't want to see you go, and obviously I don't want my daughter to leave. This is her home. This is where she lives. This is where she's happy."
And in unison, Bree and I went "AWWWWWWWWWW"
Not that they kissed and made up. I hardly see the adults anymore. Joan is here, downstairs, but Les and Kat come in and out at intervals and are never really together........
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